Study In Ireland

You have a lot of options to study abroad. You could go anywhere, but what is the most attractive feature of learning in Ireland? You will get a wonderful chance to experience the unique culture, famous natural beauty, friendly people, worldwide recognized universities, and a lot more.

So why Ireland??

Well, the points below will make Ireland your dream destination study.

  • Great Variety of employment opportunities in more than 500+ multinational companies based in Ireland.
  • Irish Educational system is globally recognized as a system that values discipline and excellence.
  • It is recognized as an international platform for wide scientific research.
  • A very safe country to study with highly developed democracy and also a modern economy.
  • Home to a lot of famous pharmaceutical companies.
  • It is known as a Global Business Hub.
  • You will get industrial exposure too.
  • Home to a lot of reputed universities and also provides a wide variety of courses for one to choose from.

The Educational System

The universities and Institutions there provide the students with the best fields like Natural sciences, social sciences, and also humanities. These universities and educational institutions now lead the world in those fields.

Ireland’s Universities has a solid impact on the education structure of the world. The universities provide a different ecosystem with their students. The students there will be provided with opportunities to work with researchers and also will be allowed to help them to do complex industrial projects.

The universities and educational institutions come with a wide variety of opportunities. So, get ready to face all of them and excel in life, career, and everything you have dreamed about.

The cost incurred to study in Ireland

This is the cost of the non-European students :

Undergraduate Degree courses cost around 9,000–45,000 EUR/annum.
Post Graduate Master Course or PhD course costs around 9,150 – 37,000 EUR/annum.
Doctoral Degree Course costs around 9,000–30,000 EUR/ annum

Student costs for living in Ireland :

The following is the average cost to live in Irish Cities. The cost differs from city to city.

Dublin: 1,100 – 1,800 EUR/month.
Galway and rest of other smaller cities: 800 – 1,100 EUR/month.
Cork: 860 – 1,400 EUR/month.

Employment Opportunities

As we all know, Ireland is the home for a lot of multinational companies. There are almost 1000 multinational companies that provide employment opportunities and also allow you to work on international projects. These companies also provide the students with internships so they can get practical experience in their studies.

The Irish government allows students to attain a green card. This green card helps the students to work even though they are students and are studying in different universities. A lot of opportunities for financial aid are provided to the students in case they have any financial difficulties.

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Student Visa for Ireland

The fact that Ireland has improved its higher education by making huge investments is the main reason why the country is attracting a lot of international students to the country. With its world-class institutes and wide range of subjects, Ireland is among the world leaders in providing a great education to the students.

One of the advantages of studying from Ireland is the fact that the country is a technological hub for many European companies. Apart from that, the education system follows the Bologna system, which is an add on to the students who seek education there. The cost of living along with the tuition fees is comparatively low in Ireland. The language of instruction is also English.

If you want to pursue your higher studies from Ireland University and you belong to an EU/EEA country, then you do not have to worry about Irish student Visa.

Choose your university

It is a must to get a letter from the desired Irish University before lodging for Visa application. So, make sure to decide quickly as to where to apply and get that process done.

Search for the right universities as per the discipline you want to study :

  • Major degree in software engineering
  • Major degree in teaching
  • Major degree in Sociology department
  • Major in political science
  • Major in Management

Some major attractions in courses and universities are :

  • The University of College Dublin
  • The University of College Cork
  • Dublin Institute for technology

Here are the various types of visas you will require for studying in Ireland :

  • ‘C type study visa’ –It is a visa for program/course whose duration is less than three months.
  • ‘D type study visa’ – It is a visa for a program/course whose duration is more than three months.

What is the procedure for applying for a visa?

  • To get a visa in Ireland, apply three months before your arrival to Ireland.
  • To apply, Fill out the application form online on the INIS website.
  • Follow the instructions and upload the required documents accordingly.
  • The processing time varies according to the country you have to submit your application.
  • Do not be in a hurry to buy travel tickets unless you have not received any official answer.

Language requirements for my study in Ireland

International students must fulfil the eligibility criteria for the English language for getting student immigration permission.

English exams that are accepted are :

  • PTE (Pearson test)


  • Two passport-sized photographs.
  • A copy of the previous passport along with the original passport.
  • An application letter with all signatures having full contact info along with the reason to go to Ireland.
  • Acceptance letter.
  • Evidence of your payment of fees.
  • A separate copy of all the important documents like academic qualifications and results of your examinations.
  • English language proficiency indicator certificate.
  • Financial health certificate.
  • Health Insurance.

Work in Ireland

For students from the EU and EEA, there are no work restrictions.

In any case, for the different others:

    • Half-time (throughout 21 hours out of every week)
    • Entire time (throughout 41 hours out of every week)

So as to do these, they need to satisfy the accompanying measures :

  • GNIB cards
  • Select for a course of study.

How to apply for a residency permit?

When you make a final decision of enrolling in a course which has the duration of more than three months, then you need to register to the local GNIB.

The following documents are needed :

In any case, for the different others:

    • A Valid Passport with a validity of atleast 6 months beyond your period of stay.
    • Four fresh passport size photographs.
    • Confirmation of entry into the country.

For further information, visit the Irish department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Entire Process in Short

So, we have briefed out the various steps from the application till you get your Visa. We will be there to guide you in each and every matter. Our guidance and advice so that you could choose the best option that is available for you.

So, the steps are as follows :

    • Register with Siddhartha Overseas, and we will direct you to our Educational counsellor.
    • You have to choose the course which you want according to your interests.
    • Shortlist the universities according to your criteria like budget, entry necessities, etc.
    • Apply for the university that you chose.
    • Our experts will give you the right advice regarding your Visa.
    • Pay all the financial deposits which you have to pay.
    • Now you have to wait and get the confirmation from the university

Now you can apply for a Visa. We will guide you, and you can approach us for any queries.
You must fulfil all the Visa requirements that are mentioned for the Visa to Ireland

  • We have a pre-departure session. Attend that session, and now you are ready for the departure for Ireland!